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Best Home Care Nursing Services in DHA Islamabad Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Safe

The guiding premise of Aman Medical Services (AMS) is the belief that patients benefit most from receiving medical attention in the comfort of their own homes. Delivering such care is our top responsibility and a source of tremendous satisfaction for everyone involved, from the in-home nurse, therapist, or assistant to the hundreds of dedicated staff members who make their jobs possible.

Finding reasonably priced in-home nursing care is a priority; therefore we’re here to help you. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about the fees associated with our in-home nursing services.

Home Nursing Care

With Aman Medical Services (AMS) home nursing care, you can get the care you need delivered to your doorstep within hours. No need to queue or travel.

Nursing Procedures

Get nursing procedures done at home with Aman Medical Services (AMS). Save time, money, effort, and eliminate risks of hospital-acquired infections.

Home Sample Collection

Let the Aman Medical Services (AMS) collect your routine and special Lab test sample from the comfort of your home and save time, money and waiting time in long-queues in Labs.

Doctor Visits

Get trained and experienced doctors at your doorstep to diagnose and treat your medical conditions in the comfort of your home.


Improve muscle strength, flexibility and mobility under at home under the guidance of Aman Medical Services (AMS)’s certified physiotherapists.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on exercising the face, mouth, and throat muscles to improve the ability to swallow and speak.

Surgical Dressing

Our experienced, certified, and trained healthcare giver and dressers will be deployed in the shortest time possible to change a wound dressing at home with the utmost care and professionalism.

Vaccination at Home

Get common vaccination cover in the convenience and comfort of your home with Aman Medical Services (AMS).

Medical Equipment

Aman Medical Services (AMS) offers a wide range of medical equipment for rent or purchase making healthcare more accessible and affordable for you.

What to Expect From Home Nursing Care Services At Home?

If you or a loved one need medical attention at home, Aman Medical Services (AMS) may provide various options to meet your requirements. Our mission is to make your loved ones’ golden years as comfortable and worry-free as possible by providing them with company and assistance with daily tasks. Whether your loved one’s health issues result from disease, accident, or aging, they will benefit from our individualized care plans and accommodating schedule. The elderly who choose out of assisted living facilities and care instead for themselves at home tend to be more content, healthier, and quicker to recover from sickness or accident.

Why choose Aman Medical Services DHA Islamabad?

Our medical staff is not only highly trained but also very caring and enthusiastic about their work. Caregivers who pass our rigorous screening process and adhere to our comprehensive rules for elder care get extensive training and are carefully paired with clients based on their experience, expertise, and personality. This novel method of caring for the elderly paves the way for mutually beneficial cooperation between you and AHS – Aman Medical Services, as well as between your loved one and the caregiver.

Frequently Asked Questions Aman Health Services DHA Islamabad

The details of DHA Islamabad’s home nursing care can be found here.

What should I look for in a good caregiver for a family member?

Our caregivers will schedule a time to meet with you and your loved one to discuss care requirements in detail. For convenience and your own peace of mind, we’ll have our first meeting there. Let’s talk about the kinds of help people need and how we can provide it. You and the professionals at AMS – Aman Health Home Care will create a care strategy that is unique to your needs and goals, and you can always ask for adjustments.

My family member simply needs assistance sometimes. When possible, might we get some assistance?

The beauty of home care is that it can be tailored to your specific need. We are here to help, even if it’s only once a week or twice a week that you need assistance around the home. We also provide medical appointment transportation services if your loved one needs them.

Is there a multi-year commitment?

When it comes to home care, we don’t believe in locking clients into lengthy agreements. Care following surgery, for example, might last anywhere from a few hours to many weeks, and we’re sensitive to the wide range of possible demands. Sometimes, people require help after surgery or a family needs some time apart. They can get along quite well without a live-in caregiver or a year-long stay in a nursing facility. Get in touch with us at AMS-Aman Health Services to learn more about our home healthcare services.

Testimonials Aman Health Services DHA Islamabad

My deepest gratitude goes to Aman Health Services for the compassionate care they provided to my wife in her last hours. Members of your staff were incredibly kind and competent, and you helped ease my wife’s and our family’s suffering.

Saleha Ali

I hired Aman Health Services to provide in-home care for my aging mom. The level of service I received was superb.
Kashif Shahzaib

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