Improve muscle strength, flexibility and mobility under at home under the guidance of AMS Health’s certified physiotherapists.

Regain and Maintain Strength and Mobility

Physiotherapy can help improve the mobility of clients whose quality of life is affected by illnesses such as stroke, injury, surgery or heart and lung disease.

Seek help from our physiotherapists if you:

  • Need to improve mobility and function to carry out daily activities at home or at work
  • Are prone to falling and want to reduce the risk of future falls
  • Want to manage and treat joint pain or weakness that limits daily activities
  • Need help with improving your fitness and wellness through exercise

Our physiotherapists will speak to you to find out your concerns and rehabilitation goals. They will assess your physical functions and conduct tests for strength, balance and range of motion. This is so that your needs and diagnosis are understood before treatment. Then they will prescribe a treatment plan comprising of exercise, pain management tips and recommended changes to activity.

We Offer Quality and Affordable Home Healthcare Service For You.

What Can Physiotherapy Help With?


Chronic Pain


Cerebral Palsy

Parkinson’s Disease


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