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Hire Professional Speech Therapists in Islamabad & Rawalpindi From the Comfort of your Home. Speech Therapy Service by (AMS) mainly focuses on exercising the face, mouth, and throat muscles to develop the capability to swallow and speak.

Top-Notch Speech Therapist Home Service in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Aman Medical Services has a long history of assisting families who have children who are having difficulty with speech and language development. We believe that a child’s communication difficulties have a significant impact on the child’s overall well-being, including their relationships at home, with their peers, and in the classroom, and that addressing these difficulties is essential to effective therapy.

We individualize care by assessing each child’s strengths and areas for improvement. We value our close relationships with each family because we realize that it is only through teamwork that we can help youngsters discover their place in the world…through language.

How ABA Therapy Benefits Children With Autism

After learning that your kid has autism, you may search for the most effective therapeutic choices available. Children who get the intense treatment of ABA, which may take as much as 40 hours a week, benefit significantly from experience.
In addition to working one-on-one with clients in their own homes or smaller medical clinics, schools and workplaces are all viable sites for ABA therapists to practice their craft. Regular, rigorous, and personalized treatment is helpful for most persons with autism, but increased accessibility is crucial.
Individualized applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy helps persons with autism learn by breaking down complex tasks into manageable chunks. This highlights the need to ensure autistic children have access to such services.

What is the cost of a Speech Therapist Home Service in Islamabad & Rawalpindi?

Aman Medical Services will help you contact a doctor in Islamabad to come to your home so you don’t have to. Call or write us if you have any questions regarding the price of our Speech Therapist Home Service in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

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Common Conditions Speech Therapy is Useful for


Speech therapy can help individuals with autism with their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication skills.


Treatment for head and neck cancers may affect one’s speech and swallowing abilities, which a speech therapist can help improve.

Cerebral Palsy

Speech therapy can help children and adult with cerebral palsy who face difficulties with speech, chewing and swallowing by improving oral motor skills.


Depending on the part of the brain, dementia may affect one’s speech and swallowing abilities, but speech therapy can help to slow the deterioration of these functions.


Parkinson’s may affect nerves and muscles that control our voice quality and fluency. A speech therapist may recommend exercises to improve muscle strength and suitable assistive devices.


Individuals often experience difficulty in speech and swallowing (dysphagia) after a stroke. Speech therapy can help to improve speech and prevent aspiration and choking.

Why Choose (AMS) For Speech Therapist Home Service?

Care should never be standardized, in our opinion, and that’s something we emphasize at AMS. We’ve redesigned a system of care that’s unified, data-driven, and patient-centered. We want to be a support system for your family as you face challenges and celebrate victories together. Provide your kid with the finest assistance possible by providing them with collaborative, individualized care that will aid in their development, learning, and achievement of new goals.

Frequently Asked Questions Speech Therapy Service by (AMS)

The details of the Speech Therapist Home Service in Islamabad can be found here.

Why Choose AMS (Aman's Medical Service)?

When it comes to applied behavior analysis (ABA), no one does it better than Aman Medical Services (AMS). Your kid will flourish in their current environment while receiving the best possible care from us. When meeting their specific requirements, we can assist youngsters on the autism spectrum.

If I have concerns about my child's growth, what should I do?

Seek immediate medical attention from your child’s doctor if you have concerns about your child’s growth and development. Don’t wait to address your worries until your kid has “outgrown” them. Taking prompt action is crucial to help your youngster get off on the right foot. Arrange for a kid to be screened for autism, and we will help them go in the direction of their long-term health and happiness.

Where do you now extend your services?

The AMS team has been busy growing! For now, we’re serving in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

Testimonials (AMS – Aman Medical Services)

Our 2-year-old son had a great experience with Sultana, who was very patient, compassionate, and thorough while working with him to improve his language abilities. She’s well-versed in her profession, comes prepared with various engaging learning activities for young students, and strikes just the right tone in her interactions with them. We appreciate her assistance much.

Muhammad Ali

Our kids have shown remarkable improvement after just five months of therapy. Each month, our pupils show growth. Our students are constantly developing academic and social/life abilities contributing to their academic and personal growth.

Salma Furqan

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