Surgical Dressing

Get surgical dressing and wound care done at home with AMS Health Professional dressers and caregivers.

Get Wound Dressing Procedure (Simple & Complex) at home

A wound dressing is anything that is used in direct contact with a wound to help it heal and prevent further issues or complications. Different wound dressings are used based on the type of the wound, but they all aim to help reduce infection and promote healing.

Types of wound dressing include:

  1. Simple dressing: post-surgery incisional wounds, superficial broken skin, stage 2 pressure sores
  2. Complex dressing: post-surgery I&D wounds (small cavities), superficial broken skin covering 50% of the body (e.g trunk), stage 3 and above pressure sore

Our experienced, certified, and trained healthcare giver and dressers will be deployed in the shortest time possible to change a wound dressing at home with the utmost care and professionalism.

We Offer Quality and Affordable Home Healthcare Service For You.

How can our dresser help?

Post Surgery Wound

Post-surgery wound assessment and creation of treatment plan

Wound Debridement

Debridement of a wound is the removal of any foreign object lodged in the wound or the removal of dead skin from the wound when the skin is unable to do so naturally.

Dry Necrotic Wound

Wound dressing for Dry necrotic wound for moisture retention, e.g., hydrocolloid, semi-permeable

Diabetic Foot Dressing

Also known as tetanus toxoid (TT), immunization is given to prevent tetanus usually given after Road Traffic Accident.

Burns Dressing

Immunization given to prevent rabies, contagious and fatal viral disease of dogs and other mammals, transmissible through the saliva to humans.

Negative Pressure Wound Dressings

Negative pressure wound dressings involves the technique of vacuum dressing to drain out excess secretion/fluid from the wound to simulate the flow of blood in the area to heal the wound.
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